Sat. May 18th, 2024

Nigerian president recently commissions manufacturing plants in one of the largest business cities in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari recently stated that the current changes to trade and investment policies by the government since it took office in May 2015 will help the nation to diversify the economy, attract more foreign investments and speed up the country’s industrialization.

In addition, at the commissioning of two newly-established agro-based industries, the President noted that the overall effect of these achievements will lead to job creation and better living conditions for citizens as promised by the governing All Progressives Congress, APC. This was also confirmed by some of the citizens of Kano who said that they stand high chance of benefitting from the development.

Speaking with one of the witnesses during the commissioning, Bello Ishao, he explained that the president Buhari’s administration is still the best for him:
” I am really excited with this administration. I have benefitted a lot as a person and even my state has benefitted too. This is my best administration but I still want the president to continue his good work. There are still many jobless people in the country.”

The plant was described to have 1,200 tonnes capacity solvent extraction of Gerawa Oil Mills Limited, the biggest oil mill plant in West Africa, located at Tokarawa Industrial Estate. In reaction, President Buhari commended the plant developers for taking full advantage of the prevailing investment climate in the country.

Furthermore, reports confirmed that president Buhari has commissioned such plants in four other states apart from Kano. His zeal for a prosperous agricultural sector is highly commendable. The level of industrialization in Nigeria has risen and has a result, the high unemployment rate is reducing.

Also, President Buhari while touring the facilities, expressed delight at the wholly-owned indigenous companies and assured agro-investors of his administration’s commitment to creating the right policies for agriculture to thrive. The chairman of Gerawa Oil Mills, Alhaji Isa Gerawa commended the policies of the Buhari administration on agriculture, describing them as key to Nigeria’s exit from recession and upward attainment to food security.

Nigerians are commending the president on a job weldone while some are insisting that he has done nothing yet. Many Kano citizens explained that the president has invested a lot in agriculture which has eventually helped to reduce the burden of poverty on most of them. However, this has resulted to a better standard of living in the country.


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