Sat. May 18th, 2024
(New York, 12/5/17) We in the Majlis Ash-Shura (Islamic Leadership Council) of New York are saddened and surpised by the United States Supreme Court’s Decision to reinstate the Muslim Ban 3.0 with no exeptions or consideration of its victims.
On December 4, 2017, The United States Supreme Court, our nation’s highest legal chamber, turned its back on justice. By reinstating Muslim Ban 3.0 in its entirety while challenges against it continue, the Court overlooked human costs to come. It disregarded the impact of its decision on thousands of innocent Muslim families, worldwide and at home– including Muslim communities we support here in New York City. This ruling will tear at the fabric of our American communities and at America’s moral standing in the world.
As a country based on religious freedom and equal justice, we have fallen short, scapegoating innocent minorities, yet again. As Muslim leaders, we will not tolerate being treated differently based on our religious beliefs. We will continue to educate all communities on their rights and will also continue to advocate for justice under law. This devastating decision punishes innumerable innocent Muslims, unjustly and we will continue to fight for justice not only for Muslims but also for all people.
Please Note: This ban does not apply to Green card holders; dual citizen as long as travel is on a non-banned country passport; Asylees and admitted refugees; and those already in and admitted to the United States on the effective date of the Ban. For specific information about details of the ban please click here.
The current state of the law is complicated and we encourage people to please call an immigration lawyer for advice if this change impacts them or their families.


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