Sat. May 18th, 2024

Yesterday, Osun State Muslim Community (OSMC) – Nigeria lost its president, Sheikh Salaudeen Olayiwola after a prolonged illness.

‘Sheikh died on the evening of Friday Rabiul Awwal 19, 1439AH (8/12/2017) after a prolonged illness,’ announced Sheikh Mustafa Olawuyi, OSMC Vice President.

‘Salatul janazah, insha Allah, holds 2pm on Yaomul sabt 20/3/1439AH ( Sat. 9/12/2017) at the Ede Muslim Cemetery, Abere road, Ede. All Muslims are invited. May Allah grant our great leader and father Jannatul fridows without questioning,‘ he added.

Sheikh Salaudeen Olayiwola was a great Islamic scholar with over twenty thousand students that passed through him. He was also known as a well versed Muslim preacher of peace, unity and spirituality throughout his life.

Reports gathered disclosed that Sheikh Salaudeen dedicated the later part of his life to the entire Muslim Community of Osun State and the South Western region of Nigeria.

‘Sheikh was unique among his contemporaries because he was very close and attentive to both the young and the old members of the entire Muslim Community of South Western region of the country. This is really a great lost to the Ummah in the region and Nigeria at large,’ said Abiona Wahab Abiodun, voice of the voiceless advocate.


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