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Zimbabwe’s former First Lady according to the sources, cannot handle the fact that she is a First Lady no more hence deciding to file for a divorce from the ousted Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The Mugabes’ marriage relationship began back in 1992, and has lasted for 21 years, until the husband was ousted last month – sources prove.

The relationship between the two [Robert and Grace Mugabe] is said to have started with an affair when Grace was a secretary in Mr. Mugabe’s office, while he was still married to his late wife, Sally Hayfron Mugabe.

Grace and Robert eventually got married four years later, after the death of Mr. Mugabe’s Sally, the former First Lady. Sally is said to have died in 1992, after suffering from kidney failure.

Sources close to the Mugabe family have confirmed that the former first lady filed for a divorce, as she claims she is not prepared to be ridiculed for the years ahead of her and that her ostracism and her husband’s resignation from being the head of the State, have gradually grown in to a life threatening headache.

Days earlier, sources confirmed that Ms Mugabe had threatened her husband to file for a divorce after the 93 year old wept bitterly saying that he misses the late wife Sally and the late son Nhamodzenyika.

‘She has been very angry ever since and she has been losing a lot of weight. She thinks she has been betrayed by her husband and that their marriage is currently beyond repair,’ said a woman close to the Mugabe family.

Lawrence Brown, the Judiciary spokesman has too confirmed that the divorce proceedings were already in motion and that the earlier the two parties agreed, the sooner they could both go separate ways in about a month.

The lady is also said to have had started complaining over her role as a former First Lady of Zimbabwe, adding that it’s about time she enjoyed some peaceful life.

‘She has been very upset ever since Mugabe gave up power to former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. She wanted a role as a First Lady, not as a normal woman who acts as a subordinate,’ sources said.

‘She is also not prepared to leave her luxurious lifestyle to live in a home of captivity, that she thinks the decor is despicable and beyond repair.’












Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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