Sat. May 18th, 2024

Tehran:  19 years old Iranian youth Sahar Tabar considered she biggest fan went through 50 surgeries and found her in the spotlight after reports to look like Angelina Jolie began doing the rounds.

According to latest news reports stated, “19 years old Sahar Tabar considers her to be one of the Angelina Jolie’s biggest fans, and has said that she “would do anything” to look like her.”

Ms. Sahar said, “I am not only fan but I also love her.”

It has been told by her that Ms. Sahar had reportedly got as many as 50 surgeries to resemble her favourite actress, even she stuck to a strict diet to ensure that her weight does not go over 40 kg.

Sahar posted her transformation on Instagram, which went viral on social media, people started calling her zombie, currently she got 3, 25,000 followers.

One of her follower called, “Who dropped a bomb on her face?”

However, the comments on her photos are anything but flattering, with many users comparing her to a zombie and scary witch.







Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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