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You should know that after seven long years of the back and forth of much criticisms and insults thrown at each other, finally (supposedly) The New York Democratic Senate will unite and become two in one.

As you know in 2011 Senator Jeff Klein pulled away from the Democratic Majority in the Senate and created his own conference which he called the “Independent Democratic Conference” (IDC).    The result of this move was the IDC’s ability in joining the Republicans which helped to keep the Republicans in control of the Senate.   This resulted in a weakened Democratic Majority in the Senate.

It is important for you to know that for the last seven years Senator Klein has proven to be very clever, quite Smart and a skilled leader.  Under the IDC Senator Klein has managed to obtain more resources, better benefits for himself, and the eight members that comprise his IDC.   So, what about the other twenty-five (25) members of the regular Democrats?  Well they have obtained zero, nada.

Now, finally, (supposedly) there is an agreement.  Well in this agreement Senator Klein and his eight member IDC will abandon their association with the Republicans and will now return and join the majority Democrats in the Senate.  Well get this, not as one conference but two conferences.   Meaning that the IDC will continue to operate under the leadership of Sen. Jeff Klein, and the Regular Democrats will continue to operate under the leadership of Sen. Andrea Stewart Cousins.   Now the Democrat majority in the Senate can proudly declare that they operate with two heads! Ha, ha, ha.

According to the agreement the two conferences will have equal share of benefits, and resources.   Meaning that Jeff Klein and his eight members will get more than the other twenty-five senators under Sen. Andrea Cousins.

It is important for you to know that the big winner here is Jeff Klein and his eight member IDC.  Senator Klein has skillfully managed to do away with the pressure of his many critics and avoids the threat of possible primary challenges.

Now ladies and gentleman I fear that many other members of the regular Democratic Senators will be free to jump and join in with Jeff Klein and his IDC.

You should know that by joining Klein and his IDC those Senators take the leap into the IDC, believing that it would be more beneficial for them and the districts they represent.   No one can criticize them for that because now it is viewed as, that they are all Democrats who are once again controlling the New York Senate.

My dear reader, I strongly believe that Jeff Klein and the IDC will grow in membership and the regular Democrats will dwindle in membership little by little, one by one.  In return, this will make Jeff Klein more powerful, making him the one and only leader of the New York State Senate.

This is Senator Ruben Diaz and this is what you should know.


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