Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Riyadh: Earlier that month, some royal family members were arrested following their involvement in several corruption-related cases, according to state official media. These royal convicts were moved  to a prestigious hotel converted to a prison for criminals from royal homes.

Proclaimed by international media, “The branded Ritz-Carlton hotel, as a retreat for those who simply desire the royal treatment, now finds itself transformed into a nerve midpoint for manipulation by an ambitious crown prince.”

The unparalleled desire of 32 years crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman presented drive against corruption, abusive power and privilege in the kingdom.

Reports declared Crown Prince as the most powerful ever expected who made raids possible against corruption including exile of princess (daughter of Prince Talal who was arrested in corruption case).

Saudi investigation police officers drove inside the palace for interrogation slumping complex washed in golden light.

A local freelance journalist told MCR that crackdown was filmed by international media to ruin the reputation of royal family, those videos went viral on social media but conversation was not recorded during clampdown.

Saudi official (who identifies himself as belonging to) said, “They didn’t believe what was happening,” Special Committee pursuing this anti-corruption operation. They thought it was just a show which wouldn’t last long.”

“Sure, they were angry,” he admitted, “If you tell someone ‘you are a thief’, they get angry. Imagine if they are a VIP.”

“We’re sitting in one of the lobby’s elegant clusters of sofas and plush chairs along with an official from the public prosecutor’s office, and what’s described as an independent human rights society. We’re provided with a briefing, on the condition that no-one is quoted by name.”

“We were afraid some people would have escaped so we had to keep them inside”, he explained, “Strange, if not shocking, fate for people they refer to as special guests.”

Saudi official media also reported, “There’s been no official announcement of that Saudi who is who. But high-profile names had surfaced quickly, including the well-known and wealthy Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who owns shares in everything from Twitter and Apple to the Four Seasons Hotel and London’s Savoy.”



Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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