Tue. May 21st, 2024

Dear men,


My fellow clergy and political leaders in the Bronx, let us take lead on this wonderful opportunity rapidly unfolding before our eyes, the new freedom of women to be treated as equals without repercussions.

We must welcome it. We must embrace it. We must cherish it. We must thank God for it. It is a watershed moment. It is women’s suffrage encore. It is a divine arbitration of healthy, fair and equal gender cohabitations in our evermore diverse professional venues.

We are not perfect but harming underage or violating the dignity of subordinates is inexcusable. No woman must endure unwelcome sexual harassment just to be able to keep her job.

For us men, we should privately reach out to all women we’ve violated and humbly ask for their forgiveness and protection from unbearable embarrassment of publicizing our violating of their honor and vulnerability. With sincerity in our apology, most if not all victims, will forgive and pray for us. Women are creatures of nurturing not destroying.

Last but not least, this is not a moment to cherry pick religious verses to excuse our violations or victim-blaming for women’s dress or any other crab. We must own up to this in order to change our entitlement attitude concerning gender relations. Let us seize the opportunity for our sisters and daughters. #letsownthisone


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