Tue. May 21st, 2024

Meerut: Astonishing new went viral on social media about the Hindu Indian young boy who raped 100 years old woman to death in Jaani village, Meerut District located in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Witness (who requested to keep her name as a secret) told MCR, “That incident happened where the old lady lived with her brother in the village. A young boy named Ankit Punia entered her home and attacked the lady. Ankit was in an intoxicated state.”

Her neigbour told police officer, “I was in my home when the boy raped her. Her cries were heard by me, I quickly entered their home to check the situation. When I reached there Punia wanted to escape.

“I caught him and handed over to police and also informed her brother.”

According to the source, the woman was brought to the hospital in a worst condition after she was being raped.

Senior Gynacologist Ravi Parkash said, “I have never seen such a tragic incident like this before. The old lady died of pains and illness of sexual activity. Where is this world going and what is all this happening?” he lamented.

“A hundred years old lady is just like his grandmother or at the place of my grandmother,” he added.

Police officer told that after investigation, the youth was innocent and he had not committed any crime.

Human Rights report claimed that in India many girls married and unmarried were raped in different parts of India and stayed at the main headlines of news for several months, many protests were being for women rights and security in India.

It should be acknowledged that from 18 month old baby to 100 years old lady were raped and killed brutally in many parts of India.

Furthermore, Indian law had taken steps to decrease rape crime, even though they had punished many rapists harshly but still there isn’t any improvement in that regard which seemed that no man gained any lesson from previous punishments given to accused rapists.












Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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