Sat. May 18th, 2024

Joice Mujuru, the once Vice President to the 93 year old Robert Mugabe, has yesterday stepped up and vowed to stop the Mugabe dynasty in Zimbabwe, and end the suffering in the country.

Mujuru was the Vice President that whom Emmerson Mnangagwa, the now former Vice President of Zimbabwe replaced.

Ms. Mujuru was nominated by the People’s Rainbow Coalition to stand as the party’s presidential candidate for the 2018 Zimbabwe election, which President Robert Mugabe is also already campaigning for. Therefore, Joice Mujuru is set to compete against Mr. Mugabe.

After her nomination, Ms. Mujuru urged the Zimbabweans to register and vote for her in their millions, staged as one of the way the Mugabe dynasty will be ended.

She added that the people of Zimbabwe do not at any point deserve the suffering they have to endure on a daily basis because of the ZANU-PF’s misrule.

‘It is very satisfying that we have reached this milestone. Our nation is at stake, and at risk of a dynasty, and it is our duty as a nation that we come together to face this challenge, the dynasty,’ said Mujuru.

Gilbert Dzikiti, the Democratic Assembly for Reform and Empowerment leader also exclaimed that Zimbabwe is not owned by anyone, but the people of Zimbabwe, whose rights are violated every now and then.

‘We are at a risk of having a dynasty but we must reject this as Zimbabweans as Zimbabwe is not a monarchy. We are a constitutional republic,’ explained Mr. Dzikiti.

Following the fact the Mugabe wishes to have his wife, Grace Mugabe, as his next Vice President and later on the President after him, completely turns Zimbabwe into a monarchy – Dzikiti added.

‘I was humbled by the PRC as their presidential candidate. This is a responsibility I am not going to take lightly. The leadership that the PRC is striving for is people centered,’ Mujuru further said.

We reject the one entire of power and we don’t entertain that as PRC – she added.

















Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu


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