Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Zimbabwe seems to have registered enough murder cases and not ready to take it any more by now, that the President Robert Gabriel Mugabe suggests the death penalty resumes in the Southern African country.

The President raised the suggestion at a funeral of one of the country’s veteran who fought during the independence struggle, on Wednesday.

Mr. Mugabe expressed concerns of how people take lives lightly to the extent that one plays around with the other’s life as nothing.

He explained that he was terrifyingly shocked by the number of recent murders in Zimbabwe after receiving a crime report from the police chief.

‘People are playing with death by killing each other. Is this why we liberated this country! I think we should restore the death penalty,’ the 92 year old President suggested.

‘We want this country to be a peaceful and happy nation, not a country with people who kill each other.’

Although his cabinet is divided as per now in regards to the issue – he said, Mugabe added that he is in favor of the resumption of the execution law in the country, as it might help to cause a decrease on the high rate at which people slaughter each other, nevertheless end it completely.

The President did not say as of when the law is expected to be re-exercised, but he was quoted saying that, ‘If you hear people are being executed, know Mugabe’s thinking has prevailed.’

Zimbabwe’s is remembered to have the execution bill in its constitution however, it has been on halt since 2005 when the country’s last hangman retired and since then, no one has ever been executed until now – reports clarify.

The 2013 constitution however, bars all women, boys below 18 and men above 70 from execution.

Virginia Mabhiza, permanent secretary in the justice ministry also commented on the current situation and uncovered that just last month, the government received more than 50 applications from hangman aspirants. Therefore if needs arises, qualified men are ready for the action.

‘The response has been overwhelming and the applications have been from both men and women,’ Virginia Mabhiza disclosed.

‘We have received over 50 applications in the past few months. People are very interested.’ She further assured.












Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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