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New Delhi: Two young twins Jaga and Kalia (who are two years old) in eastern village of Orissa went though intensive head surgery, according to the news on October 27th 2017; their heads were joined at the top.

It had been told that 16 hours successful surgery was carried out by 30 surgeons; the infants (who suffered through a condition called craniopagus) were brought to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) after 16 hours.

One of the senior Surgeon and director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences told media that those types of cases were very rare in medical history all around the world.

He said, “They were one among three millions births find like that.

“In those kinds of cases, children shared blood vessels and brain tissues, and it became very risky to operate them.”

“Although the surgery was very complicated but is successful.

“Next 18 hours are very critical for them.”

Parents of the twin told media, “These are our first born. W e had no other option except surgery.

“These 18 hours are very difficult for us.”

NeuroSurgeon A.K Mahapatra said, “Both the children have other health issues as well. While Jaga has heart issues, Kalia has kidney problems.”

“Though initially Jaga was healthier, now his condition has deteriorated. Kalia is better,” he added.

Plastic surgeon Maneesh Singal said, “If the twins make it, the next step will be reconstructing their skulls.”

Furthermore, the doctors are very hopeful about their survival after surgery.















Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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