Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Rohingya women are presently suffering from the recent disaster faced by many. Many countries have shown supports of different measures to make life better for the victims. In addition to supports rendered, humanitarian organisations have opened another aid centre in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar to advise Rohingya women on breastfeeding and provide them with a safe place to feed their newborns.

Further more, it has been reported that UNICEF and Concern Worldwide opened the Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP) Centre which has so far counseled 207 mothers and admitted 42 children under five years suffering from severe malnutrition. This OTP has gone a long way to make life worth to live by providing the necessary medical care assistance for the new mothers and young children. Many of them have been diagnosed and treated while some are still receiving treatments.

In confirmation, UNICEF nutritionist Abukaba Siddique said the goal is to teach essential information to mothers who don’t understand the importance of breastfeeding, so as to avoid disease and malnutrition in young children. He further explained that the programme will educate the mothers and prevent them from contracting controllable infections that might endanger them and their children.

The programme has recorded huge successes so far and mothers who use the centre, say they highly value it, after their hazardous journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh during which safe areas to feed their babies were hard to come by. Many of them feel better as care and concern is now been shown to them.

Also, to further show more love for these victims of circumstance, recently, Indian sends 1,000 tonnes relief material for Rohingyas. The material was loaded on Indian Naval Ship Gharial, which delivered it to Chittagong in Bangladesh where thousands of Rohinya refugees have come in from Myanmar. It was stated that the relief material is in customised family packets, which contain essential items including rations, clothes and mosquito nets. This kind gestures brought smiles to the faces of the victims as it made them feel that there is a greater life ahead.

Many countries around the world have shown love and concern to these victims. Many of them now feel safe and secure as help keep rolling in which continued to make life better for them. More assistance is still needed to sustain the victims as many more still need better health and social care.


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