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An eminent scholar, Dr Zakir Naik exposed the brutality of Indian Hindus towards the minorities especially Muslims, the insane attitude caused a lot of troubles for them.

Dr Zakir Naik while giving interview to Geo News Pakistan on October 8, 2017 he said, “As you all must know that I have been doing Dawah for more than 25 years and my lectures are there on media and social media like face book, YouTube everywhere and I was expecting that I was living in a country India which was not very comfortable for Muslims.”

He said, “India is the only place where every second minute women is demoralized, either by rape, sexual abuse or killed.”

“I was sure that one day there would be trouble and reason was the steps taken for the amendment of laws for minorities,” he added, “No doubt India is an extremist state.”

“Three years back, we elected a new government and Nirandra Modi got power as Prime Minister.

“World knew that 15 years back when he was chief Minister of Punjab, India, there were many NGOs; many organizations have given several reports that he was responsible of killings of more than 2 thousand Muslims and we all know that a lot of countries around the world file a case against him.”

According to Zakir Naik he was not a true leader, he never gave freedom of speech.

It was told that India was considered as the world second largest democratic state but unfortunately people were deprived of their basic rights.

He said, “Nirandra Modi was not given entry to enter UK and USA many countries didn’t allow him to enter.

“Three years back when he was elected as the Prime Minister of the State, all the sanctions of democracy was removed from the charter of democracy.

“Last year there was a terrorist attack in Bangladesh and over more than 1000 people died, 6 terrorists were killed and all 6 were foreigners and one of them was my fan on face book.”

“I have 16 million fans on face book. Alhamdulillah Peace TV has 200 million viewers,” he added, “If you catch a Muslim, there is high percentage he knows me very well. I am a public figure.”

However, Indian media quoted me out of the context and state electronic Media declared him as an inspired terrorist.








Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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