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Two decades now have gone by since Sudan has been under US economic sanctions.

The sanctions were temporarily lifted in January 2017 by the Obama administration and were later to be lifted permanently by the Trump administration in July. He however got a second thought in doing so, and therefore delayed it.

According to the Trump administration, he needed more time to learn what changes the Sudan government had accomplished as per their agreement. With this, he delayed the decision for more three months.

12 October, 2017, is the D-day. The three months will have expired then and the Trump government is expected to permanently lift the trade sanctions off Sudan.

According to the sources, Donald Trump, the President of America has informed that the sanctions are likely to still not be permanently lifted until they are crystal sure that the Sudan government abided and has done by the terms of their agreement.

The Trump administration waits to see Sudan handing over the perpetrators of the genocide in Darfur, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the region, to the International Criminal Court (ICC), to face the law.

It also needs a confirmation that the Sudan government has improved its record as per the human rights and religious freedom.

“The Sudanese government knows that my administration will hold them responsible for any breach of obligations which came through strong bilateral ties and effective monitoring,” Donald Trump said in a report.

Recently, different reports have explained some church demolitions in Sudan and harassing of the churchgoers. In this manner, some people still are in support of the US sanctions to be held on.

Those in support of the US sanctions on Sudan have informed that this is a red flag swung in the air for the sanctions not to be lifted.

They have informed that if a government still under sanctions can do this kind of religious discriminations, then one should be afraid of what might be the results after the sanctions’ lifting.














Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu






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