Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

India had been warned by World Bank about poor quality education across the country, where on one hand they progressed in technology but faced deficit in global learning on another hand, according to the UN report, “It is great injustice to the children at their initial level.”

It is stated in report, “Millions of children in particular low income country like India, face low learning level and youth face less opportunity and lower wages in later lives because their primary and middle schools are failing to educate them to succeed in their lives.”

It had been mentioned that India ranked second after Malawi in the list of 12 countries where the student of grade 2 could not read a single word of a short text.

“India also tops the list of seven countries in which a grade 2 student could not perform two-digit subtraction,”

“In rural India, just under the three quarters of students in grade 3 could not solve a two-digit subtraction such as 14-17, and by grade 5 half could not do so,” according to World Bank.

In fact, education and learning both goes side by side.

To remove extreme poverty from society, opportunities would be provided to the children.

“Even after several years in school, millions of children cannot read and write the basic math,” President of World Bank reported, “This learning crisis is moral and economical.

“Even the students of grade 5 don’t read sentences in their local language.”

In short, the report recommended them to move from abstract to concrete education policy, the policy must be followed properly by this slogan “learning for all” for the betterment and prosperity of the country.





Reporter Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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