Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

LandiKotal:  According to some of officials, Pakistan and Afghanistan reopened their borders as they closed earlier that week, after the flag meeting of both countries military officials on thorny issues.

It is stated that meeting was successfully done between two countries on their security issues for regional stability.

It is acknowledged that Pakistan shares the longest border with Afghanistan in North West of the country named as Durand line that is 3336 km.

Pakistan closed the border due to violence and severe attacks on Frontier Corps check posts near Torkham.

The video which was shown by Afghan military officials, clearly demonstrated that attacks were from Afghan side.

The Afghan delegation reminded, “Pakistan is making all-out efforts to facilitate the Afghans, including students studying in Pakistani educational institutions, to cross the border in a smooth manner.”

According to official resources, it was added in the statement that delegation expressed displeasure over closure of border repeatedly. “Sick and old Afghans suffer that problem,” one of officer stated.

“Pakistan always play vital role, either war on terrorism or if it is the matter of regional stability.”












Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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