Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

This project has long been awaited by Nigerians. As a matter of fact, many have to travel outside the country for a DNA test. However, this is really a great achievement in the country’s health sector. Recently, reports confirmed that the Lagos State Government has completed the construction of the first ever high-powered DNA Forensic Laboratory in Nigeria.

In addition, Commissioner for Justice, Adeniji Kazeem stated this at a press briefing to announce activities lined up to mark the 2017 International Day of Peace. Also, he confirmed that skeletal work had already commenced in the lab which is named the Lagos State DNA Forensics Centre and that it would be formally commissioned in coming weeks.

Further more, Kazeem, who was represented at the briefing by the State’s Solicitor General Funlola Odunlami said the lab was part of efforts geared toward enhancing peace. Every year, September the 21st is observed as the International Day of Peace as declared by the General Assembly of United Nations.

“The DNA forensic centre just opened this month. We are yet to commission it but it has been opened and it is a DNA crime forensic lab and at the same time, it is going to deal with other DNA matters like paternity issue. What we are doing now is skeletal work which we started this month,” Kazeem further stated.

However, the construction of this DNA forensic labouratory has posed many advantages that will be beneficial to the citizens. As one of them, it will increase likelihood of finding assailants in criminal offences, especially violent and sexual assaults. It will also rise the chance to solve old unsolved crimes.

Most importantly, biological fathers and mothers are identified with very high probability which will lead to solutions in wide range of family problems. Getting this test done without the newly constructed laboratory in Nigeria usually involve a huge some of money, with this, the low cost will be highly beneficial to everyone who is in need of such test.

This labouratory will also be beneficial in the identification of victims in mass terrorist attacks, aircraft accidents and so on. It is really a great step to ensuring a peaceful life for everyone in the country. Last year, the government approved the construction of the laboratory as part of the criminal justice sector reforms designed to solve crime through technology and fulfill an unmet need for DNA profiling, a unique forensic technique that is used globally. This construction is now fully ready for services.

The government confirmed that setting up the laboratory demanded huge sum of money but the it is dedicated to ensuring that the citizens enjoy all that they deserve. This development has brought smiles to the faces of many Nigerians.


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