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On Sunday September 10, 2017 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its ally UAE sent planes full of all the necessities of life for the victims who faced a terrible storm in America.

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman expressed his interest in talks, state media from both sides said, “United states is facing a crisis.”

President of United States Donald Trump “Welcome the donation from Arab countries.”

The Saudi Press Agency SPA initially reported that Mr. Trump said, “Details of crisis will be announced after overwhelming this strong storm that destroyed Washington Airport.”

He added, “All the planes moved to other airports in emergency.”

Saudi King Salman said, “We are with United States in that difficult situation.”

According to State Official News Channel in Saudi Arabia, some of the official stated that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates donated collectively $100 million for the victims in America.

The special Envoy of United States to Saudi Arabia appreciated the efforts of Saudi Arabia and UAE in that regard. He said, “Indeed, it is a bid challenge for Washington to compete with that terrible storm. Still I have no words to say thanks for the support and care of Arab countries for us.”

Furthermore, earlier that week Qatar donated $30 million for the victims in Texas (a state that demanded freedom from United States).











Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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