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Islamabad: Umamima Mendharo (a young Pakistani girl of 23 years old) is an entrepreneur got a bigwig venture firm and used google as “first pitch” to fund her business ideas in her first try.

Miss Mendharo, while giving interview to ARY channel in morning transmission told anchor Sadia Imam on Sunday September 10, 2017, “It seems like a fantastic story that’s too easy to believe.

“But there’s a lot more for my “first flight” than just catching a lucky break.”

“It is a station that is the result of my childhood ambition,” she added.

It is acknowledged that Miss Mendharo had a dream to build her own multi-national company.

She said, “Like every Pakistani women I faced a lot of challenges by getting my venture off from my ground.”

“Coming from part of the world, and specially part of Pakistan, where I didn’t have schools around, I grew up with the idea of building my own path,” she explained, “Because of that, education became something that I truly passionate about.”

She told that she had worked hard to get her admission in Harvard University to secure her MBA. She studied on scholarship in 2009 in Harvard University.

After the span of five years she reached out to connect people around the world to established her company.

She said that she was determine to make a brief stint at Microsoft to work at first with an idea of VIDA to get the fund of $1.3 million from Google that  she received later.

Therefore, with the collaboration of Google Miss Mendharo invited photographers, painters, sculptors, calligraphers, factories and customers’ insight.

She said, “It was important to me upfront that it was a fiercely streamlined manufacturing process, because once we get that right, we can scale the business. We didn’t want a complex ecosystem.”











Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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