Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Dear fellow New Yorkers,


Re: Elections Have Consequences…

September 12 is our biggest and best opportunity to fix all our neighborhoods’ socioeconomic problems. Another word, it is the PANACEA. While it’s a local election issue and thousands of citizens usually regard it a low priority, it is actually more relevant to our neighborhoods than the national elections. To do it well this time, please follow my time-tested advice:

1. Ignore all candidates’ commercials. They are worthless lies designed by highly paid artists.

2. Do not put personal interests ahead of the collective. Real and effective constituent services are for the collective benefits not personal bribes.

3. Do not think candidates’ past performances or resumes aren’t relevant. Politicians are not magicians, their competent do matter.

4. If you have not made up your mind about your pick, you are unfit to advocate for meaningful constituent services.

5. If a candidate put out too many commercials, he/she may be incompetent and therefore special interest vultures who can’t lose their loots would come to his/her protection with artistically designed misleading commercials.

6. When all candidates are evil, choose the lesser one because not VOTING must never, ever be an option.

7. Do not choose because of candidates’ superiority in articulating their special interests’ compiled political platform (rubbish), instead choose competency and independence. Our political machines are powerful enough to have you proudly vote for mannequins. Finally

8. Follow our proprietary 4Rs candidate qualification test:

A. Resume

B. Resources

C. Relevance

D. Resolve


Good Luck!

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