Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The removal of loudspeakers in mosques in China has caused many controversies in and outside the country. However, Chinese citizens protest mosques’ loudspeakers saying that authorities are silent on the issue.

Reports confirmed that Authorities in China’s Hualong Hui Autonomous County China removed over 1,000 loudspeakers from 355 mosques during the past several days. The muslims in the country have requested for genuine reasons for this act but no response received yet.

In the absence of genuine reasons, some citizens in the country were confirmed to have reported the loudspeakers’ removal as a result of complaints of noise and a disturbance to the public.

In response to this removal, a concerned person, Jona Throne said it wasn’t necessary for such removal to take place:
“I am a Christian but what the government of China has done is really not necessary. These places are sacred and Holy places, they should be respected. Taking away their loud speakers is like disregarding God’s home and people. It is not to be commended at all.”

Researches confirmed that the removal of the loudspeakers is a complex issue in other places of the world as well. It was also confirmed that issues had come up in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Germany, and the US, but left Israel off the list. The muslims in these countries protested against the removal which partially worked to favour.

In addition, Tolani Usman indicated that the loudspeakers are very important in encouraging people to worship God:
“this loudspeakers are really important in mosques. It helps people to remember the times for prayers whenever one is carried away with whatever he or she is doing. Saying it is a public disturbance really baffles me. I believe that whatever helps one to worship God should be encouraged and not condemned”.

Reports claimed that neither the Muslim world nor the West protested China’s removal of the loudspeakers, despite the fact that a move in Israel to limit the loudspeakers’ hours and volume was met with an arson intifada, and condemnation from around the world. It is expected that measures should be taken to abolish the removal.

Muslims in China are less satisfied with the new development of loudspeakers removal in their mosques. A small scale protest has been made to set limitations but no result received. Muslims organisations around the world have been called upon to assist in appealing to government officials on the issue in order for Muslims to continue to enjoy the benefits of the loudspeakers.


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