Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Trade amongst African countries has tremendously increased. Many African countries have benefited from one another through business transactions as many of them have witnessed increase in national income as the case may be. In order to further expand this business relationship, Djibouti has decided to invest in its port infrastructure for better and easy access to national and international transactions.

Reports confirmed that Djibouti has invest about 15 billion U.S. dollars to build more infratructures in the ports and also build new ports for frequent and better business transactions.The country has expanded its transport and utilities infrastructure to leverage its location as a trans-shipment hub. This move will no doubt trigger the increment in the revenue generation to develop the country.

History confirmed that some of the ports in the country are less functional which prompted the government to severely look into boosting the facilities for a better outreach. Amongst the ports are the port of Tajura and Doralleh which are among the five out of nine that are up and running. These ports are set for investment and a new look will unfolded soon enough.

However, the director of Djibouti ports and free zones authority Aboubaker Omar Hadi said the development of the ports will boost investment in human capital and economic growth of the country:
“this is a great development. The people have waited so long for this transformation and it has finally come. Boosting the ports is part of the government’s promises to its people and now, it is time to fulfill it. Boosting the ports will go along way to develop the country economically and socially.”

Djibouti ports is one of the ports in Africa with strong and powerful security system. The country’s ports have Berth Traffic control and safe working practices, workplace mouvement, PPE (safety clothing and equipment) use in the Port access roads,train safe movement, operational vehicle movement, heavy machinery escort and commercial Truck safe usage and movement.

The people are really excited with this development and at the same time, applaud the government for investing so much for their benefits. As part of the government’s promises to improve the economy’s business platform, it also invested over $1billion on the country’s railway expansion which is presently under construction.

Djibouti’s government has received commendations for continuously investing in the country to make life better for its people. As a matter of fact, these investments have enhanced the country’s growth and development in all ramifications.


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