Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Maelys de Araujo, a nine-year-old girl has been announced missing by the police and a search is underway. According to Sky News, the nine-year-old was noticed missing at about 3am on Sunday morning during a wedding in the French Alps. The police has made it known that “each passing hour” makes it more likely that she was kidnapped.

She has been attending the wedding with her parents in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, and guests began frantically searching for her after the DJ announced she was nowhere to be seen, Sky News has stated.

Since the date of the incident, it is reported that posters of the dark-haired girl have gone up throughout the town, with dozens of divers and police dogs deployed to search “very dense vegetation” and a river in the area.

Yvez Marzin, the police chief in the region, disclosed that three sniffer dogs had all lost the scent from her cuddly toy at the same spot in a car park outside the party venue. The implication of this according to Yuez marzin is that a kidnapp possibly happened.

“One of the possible theories is that little Maelys left in a car, one way or another.”

As reported, ‘180 guests who attended the wedding, as well as 70 people who had gone to two other parties being held nearby, are being questioned by detectives.’ Dietlind Baudoin, a local prosecutor, has also described the incident as a spark of criminality. According to her, the vain effort deployed vain so far and time invested in the search is enough to conclude thus.

“Given the time that has elapsed since the disappearance of the young Maelys and given the resources that have been sadly deployed in vain to find her, the criminal possibility can no longer be ruled out.”

Sky news however informed that Baudoin equally stressed that all leads into the case are being explored, hence warned against “making hasty conclusions”.



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