Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

In order to combat the high rate of corruption in the country, the president of Nigeria recently signed an extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates, UAE and agreements with some other countries. This step by the government has received several commendations from Nigerians and other crime fighting associations.

The President recently was reported in Abuja to have signed nine international agreements, including an extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), aimed at strengthening the anti-corruption war, boosting the economy and improving security in the country.

One of the crime fighting association that commended the government’s move said:
“the signing is auspicious and timely with the background of an expedient need to re-invigorate the anti-corruption drive; it will improve inter-border cooperation among the countries which will enhance their task of ensure the security of lives and property.”

The head of the association further stated that most Nigerians find it easy to invest corrupt funds in Dubai due to the lack of the treaty:
“If you look around, that is why most of Nigerian looters have properties in Dubai. So it is fashionable for looters to keep their loot in Dubai and tie it down there with properties. The treaty will now assist the EFCC to trace looted funds and seek assistance from the UAE for the extradition of the concerned persons when necessary. It will help the fight against corruption.”

The president was further commended for taking a bold step just after his return from his long medical leave:
“As we commend President Muhammadu Buhari for the bold and progressive step as it clearly shows his determination to combat corruption, we hasten to emphasize the quintessence of strengthening institutions, as they are the ones which will ensure the achievements so far endures and built upon as the country progresses.”

However, many Nigerians feel it is necessary for the Federal government to also ensure it perseveres in its efforts to have similar treaties or agreements and other legitimate instruments with the UK, USA and other countries where loots from the country are being hidden.

The government also expressed hope that signing the agreements would enable the country to pursue the war against corruption with vigour, check illicit flow of funds, boost the tax regime, guarantee food security and improve living standards.

In addition, the president, who signed the agreements in the Conference Hall of the First Lady’s office in the State House, Abuja, directed all relevant agencies to ensure that they play their defined roles in the implementation and application of the treaties, with a view to providing Nigeria with the inherent benefits.

Nigeria is currently experiencing a serious need to combat corruption. The government is set to combat the rate at which the people’s money is being looted in other country. Nigerians are excited with this development as it will help to secure the money of the people.


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