Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

A magazine recently in Europe has received criticisms from far and near for placing a picture that depict that islam is terrorism at the front page. The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is again at the center of controversy with a new front cover blaming terrorist attacks in Europe on Islam which has received series of condemnations.

However, the cover illustration depicts two blood-soaked pedestrians after being hit by a speeding van, with the caption: “Islam is the religion of peace eternal” with an ironical intent. These criticisms have become one of the top trending topics on Twitter and social media in general in France, with users describing it as “Islamophobic”, “racist” and “disgusting”.

Further more, some internet users also accused it of stirring up hatred against Muslims by linking Islam to terrorism. A tweet reads:
” this front cover is islamophobic and should be corrected. It is just a way to instigate hatred against muslims , I am not happy with this.”

In response to this cover controversies, Prominent Socialist lawmaker and former minister Stephane Le Foll said Charlie Hebdo risked fanning Islamophobia and called the front page “extremely dangerous”. He said:
“To say that Islam is a religion of peace by implying that it is in fact a religion of death is extremely dangerous”.

The former minister further warned Charlie to be really careful as a journalist saying that a media personnel must have limitations in exhibiting his stunts:
“When you’re a journalist, you need to exercise restraint because making these associations can be used by others”.

Reports confirmed that the cover comes shortly after terrorist attacks on Las Ramblas in central Barcelona and another vehicle incident in the Catalan town of Cambrils which killed 15 people and injured 100 more. Many had related the magazine to referring the front page to islam as the inventor of terrorism.

In addition, France, and Europe generally, have suffered a string of terrorist attacks featuring vehicles being used as a weapon to kill civilians indiscriminately. Both Muslims and non-Muslims have fallen victim to attacks in London and Berlin.

Many on the social media had cautioned Charlie to be extremely careful in his publications. One of them said:
“accusing a religion of being responsible for terrorism in the area is unprofessional in journalism ethics. The magazine should be banned from selling.”

Former minister, Stephane Le Foll further urged other media personnel to review whatever they intend to publish in order to avoid such controversies like the recent one. Many on the internet still insist that the cover page should be removed for less criticisms.


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