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In a report filed in by the Voice of America News post, ‘at least half a dozen schools in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions have been burned in the past week.’ According to the reporter, ‘it is the latest sign of deepening tensions as the ongoing strike in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions’ hit nearly a year.

It will be recalled that ‘the strike began in November 2016 with anglophone teachers and lawyers in the northwest and the southeast.’ According to feeds, ‘they said English-speaking citizens are marginalized in the bilingual country and demanded reforms.’ Against this background, ‘secessionist groups soon joined the movement, and their calls for full independence for the English-speaking zones derailed dialogue and helped spur a government crackdown’ as currently being experienced.

VOA reports the increasing attack which has therefore hinted the need for self-defense tactics amongst the people of the affected regions. “Continued arson attacks in Cameroon’s English-speaking northwest have prompted calls for the creation of self-defense militia,” VOA reports.

According to some concerned parents in Bamenda, ‘it is no longer safe after their children’s school, the Baptist Comprehensive High School, was set ablaze’ on the 13th of August. Residents, also complained, saying: ‘schools are being targeted for failing to respect the call to strike until all Anglophone activists are released from detention.’ Furthermore, ‘messages circulating on social media this month have called for businesses to close three out of every five working days.

Reacting to the situation, while showing concern and tabling a solution, Wilfred Ndong, government official in charge of basic education for the northwest, has reportedly said law enforcement agencies cannot be present in every school –therefore, there is need for resident to form vigilante groups.

“We have advised them to form vigilante groups in the schools so that they can help to secure the places for us,” he said. “And in places where they can afford, let them light up the places. Some of these things happen because of the dark nature of the environments concerned.”











 Correspondent: Ridwan A Olayiwola


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