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In order to expand the act of helping and giving, Muslim Aid charity organisation decided to go extra mile to produce a large samosa that could feed many hungry mouths at a time. With this, the humanitarian charity Muslim Aid has achieved the Guinness World Records title for the Largest samosa, weighing in at a whopping 153.1 kg.

Reports confirmed that the huge sized replica of the traditional Asian snack was cooked by 12 volunteers from the organisation, taking them 15 hours from start to finish to create the super-sized dish. It took a lot of hard work with professionalism to put this dish on a stand.

As part of their efforts, the team had to source for a custom-made deep fat fryer that could accommodate the huge size samosa. This is made to substitute the regular with the customized one for a better and satisfactory outcome.

Muslim Aid’s Zac Hussain said the idea was to portray the good hearts of the Muslims which is to work for charity with dedication and faith:

“We wanted to make a larger-than-ever version of this popular food to demonstrate visually how people of the Muslim faith work tirelessly throughout the year, and particularly during Eid, doing charitable acts to support the unfortunate in the community around them and further afield.”

In addition, it was confirmed that the attempt took place on Tuesday at a mosque in East London, UK. It was also confirmed that official Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel was on hand to judge it which eventually pronounced the deal as the world’s largest samosa.

Pravin explained to the crowd the criteria behind his pronouncement:

“It’s got to be triangular; contain flour, potatoes, onions and peas; be fried, and retain the shape when cooked. It’s got to look and feel like a samosa. Plus, it all has to be eaten. No wastage!”

After Pravin confirmed the attempt had been a delicious meal, the samosa was cut up into portions and given to the Salvation Army, who distributed it to local homeless people in the community. The distribution helped quenched hunger for the moment and brought joy to the faces of the homeless people.

However, the attempt by Muslim Aid broke a record previously set by Bradford College, UK, who cooked up a samosa weighing 110.8 kg (244 lb 4 oz) back in 2012. Muslim Aid is a UK based Islamic charity NGO. It is currently run by former Islamic Relief UK director; Jehangir Malik.

The NGO had recorded huge successes since its establishment. In 2013, Muslim Aid won International Charity award at the Charity Times Awards. The Charity was also nominated for the Charity of the Year award.In January 2014, Muslim Aid was nominated for the Charity of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.


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