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KENYA – Just days after Raila’s declaration that he would not go to court amid Uhuru’s presidential victory, he all of a sudden will now present his evidence at the Supreme Court with claims that the election was rigged and that he was supposed to be the announced President elect, according to his sources.

Donald Trump, the President of America after hearing Raila’s declaration on Wednesday, responded immediately through the US ambassador to Kenya Robert F. Godec by saying that the opposition’s move to head to court is highly impressive as it would help the concerned parties to present their case and evidence in support.

“I welcome their decision. It is very important that they can provide evidence to court and I am looking forward to seeing and determine whether the elections were free and fair as they claim,” the US ambassador said, reporting Trump’s words.

In a press conference on Wednesday 16 August, Raila Odinga said he would go ahead to challenge Mr. Kenyatta’s win in court despite fears that the court will still be in Kenyatta’s favor like it was in 2013.

Before considering going to court, Raila Odinga with a few of the NASA officials preferred that they would use mass action in protest than going to the same court that disappointed them in 2013 .

However, the rest of the members in the Raila’s party including his advisers were not in support of the idea and preferred a peaceful protest. The US also in a statement, talked against any kind of violence.

According to reports, Uhuru Kenyatta’s  government had earlier issued a shoot to kill order to the police, in case of sight of any protester. Therefore, Raila’s decision to choose the Court route will help save a lot of people’s lives.

Still upon the issue, the United Kingdom has also spoken through their ambassador to Kenya, welcoming Raila’s decision to push to court.

“The move to go to court gives him and other aggrieved parties an opportunity to present evidence and fight for their rights,” Christian Turner, UK ambassador to Kenya informed the journalists.

Amongst his major complaints, Mr. Odinga says the Mr. Kenyatta was announced the winner in the absence of all the 34A and 34B forms, which he says is not acceptable.

Raila along with his crew also vow to present proof of how the IEBC system was manipulated to have Kenyatta the President elect.

In the petition, Raila and his National Super Alliance (NASA) party will be represented by lawyers including Siaya Senetor James Orengo, Raila’s lawyer Paul Mwangi, George Oraro, Ben Sihanya and Willis Otieno.






Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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