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Tony Robyns, 52, a father-of-five from West Sussex, detained at Bodrum airport after trying to smuggle treasure find back to UK without notifying authorities, UK Independent report. According to the report, Tony Robyns, a British on tour, ‘has been arrested in Turkey after he reportedly attempted to fly home with coins he found while snorkelling.’

According to The Sun News post, Toby Robyns was detained at Bodrum airport on Friday on suspicion of “finding Turkish artefacts without notifying authorities.”

The news confirmed that ‘the 52-year-old and father-of-five, from Southwick, West Sussex, discovered the 13 coins while snorkelling during a two-week holiday in Turgutreis and tried to return with home as a souvenir.’

Robyns, according to news reaching from Turkey, is reportedly being held at Milas prison while he waits to hear whether he will be charged.

James Stoneham, a family friend, while returning the case described it as “harmless fun”. In his words, “This was harmless fun on a holiday.” He added that “When he (Robyns) went to get his flight home they dragged him off and searched his hand luggage.”

Following the arrest, Foreign Office spokesman have confirmed the incident saying: “We are assisting a British man following his arrest in Bodrum and remain in contact with his family and the Turkish authorities.” Against moral ideals, Robyns has been found wanting. It was never expected of him to possess what wasn’t his legal property. It is against this background that Robyns is facing his trials.









Correspondent: Ridwan A Olayiwola



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