Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

INDIA – A young girl who was repeatedly raped by her uncle over seven months delivered a baby in northwestern city of Chandigarh in India on Friday morning, according to the Zee News Channel.

A ten-year-old child was a victim, who was repeatedly raped, had a Caesarean section on Friday.

It is noted that the case was filed in Supreme Court about the sexual abuse in India. Supreme Court refused her abortion as she was unaware of her delivery.

Her parents told, “The crime came to light when we took her to hospital, she has been complaining of a stomach ache since last month,

“When we took her there, after ultra sound she was found to be around 30 weeks – or around seven months – into the pregnancy.”

Her parents told her, “She was unaware of her pregnancy; we told her that she is undergoing a stomach surgery to remove a stone.”

Dasari Harish, a physician who heads a committee overseeing a girl’s care said, ‘The girl is doing fine; she is recovering,’ Harish added, ‘We expect she will be discharged early next week. The minor, whose identity has been kept secret, delivered a baby girl in a state hospital in the northwestern city of Chandigarh. Her parents disowned her and refused to take the custody of the baby.’

According to the National Crime Records Bureau 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2016 and 10,854 cases of child rape were reported till July 2017, but experts agreed that the number of unreported cases of sexual assault would bring the total much higher.

Out of these, 24,470 were committed by parents/family, relatives, neighbors and other known persons implying that, men known to the victim committed 98 per cent of reported rapes. The latest estimates suggest that a new case of rape is reported every 22 minutes in India.












Correspondent:  Syeda Faiza Buhari


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