Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Another attempt to ban muslim women from wearing burqa is One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson who shocked the members of Senate in Australia by walking into the chamber wearing a burqa. Her display of disguising with the burqa raised criticisms in and outside the senate.

Reports confirmed that Ms Hanson called for the Government to ban the burqa. She described it as ‘oppressive’ full-face coverings. She said this after removing her disguised burqa:

‘I’m quite happy to remove this, because this is not what should belong in this Parliament. In light of our national security of this nation, will you work to ban the burqa in Australia? There have been 13 foiled national threats against us with terrorism, three that have been successful and Australians have lost their lives. Terrorism is a true threat to our country. Many Australians are very much in fear of it. A large majority of Australians wish to see the banning of the burqa.”

Hanson’s act caused mixed feelings in the chamber. The stunt drew anger from the opposition benches, with crossbencher Derryn Hinch questioning whether Senator Hanson could remain in the chamber. Many of them see her act as a ridiculous one and at thesame time depicting a mockery of the religion.

In reaction to this display, Attorney-General George Brandis choked back tears as he tore into Senator Hanson for wearing the Islamic garb onto the floor of the Senate. He said one can actually hope for the ban and not wearing one which he sees as not sensible:

“I am not going to pretend to ignore the stunt that you have tried to pull today by arriving in the Chamber dressed in a burqa. We all know that you are not an adherent of the Islamic faith. I would caution and counsel you with respect to be very, very careful of the offence you may do to the religious sensibilities of other Australians.”

He further said that the Muslim community have not caused any harm stating that they have been law abiding:
“We have about 500,000 Australians in this country of the Islamic faith. And the vast majority of muslims are law abiding good Australians.”

In addition, the government’s top law enforcement official, Senator Brandis said he had responsibility for national security policy. He stated that the law enforcement agencies are meant to work with the Muslim community and not condemn them:

“And I can tell you, Senator Hanson, that is it has been the advice of each Director-General of security with whom I have worked and each Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police with whom I have worked that it is vital for their ntelligence and law enforcement work that they work cooperatively with the Muslim community.”

Brandis further cautioned Hanson to watch her ways to approaching issues and that all religions deserve their respects:
“And to ridicule that community, to drive it into a corner, to mock its religious garments is an appalling thing to do and I would ask you to reflect on what you have done.”


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