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Sources have not yet still been able to catch up to knowing the exact location where Zimbabwe’s first lady might be at the moment, after charges of assault were raised against her in South Africa.

On Sunday, Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first lady seems to have gone overboard when she continuously hit South Africa’s model with an extension cord – the model said.

It is explained that Grace entered in a Johannesburg hotel where she found Gabriella Engels, a South African model by career with her friend and without a word started beating her using an extension cord.

The beating is explained to have happened in the presence of Grace’s bodyguards who dared not to help Engels, the victim.

“When she entered I didn’t know who she was,” Engels explained the incident.

“She walked in with an extension cord and without a word she just started beating me with it. She flipped but still kept on hitting me with the plug over and over, I had no idea about what was going on,” Engels informed the press, telling the story.

The model explains that she helped herself crawl out of the room and after ran out of the hotel helped by the security guard. However, by the time she left from the room, she was filled with blood on her arms, in the hair and everywhere the place.

Engels says that when she got out of the hotel, she got to know Grace’s identity from the hotel’s security guard, and on Monday, she filed a case against her for assault.

“I asked him who the woman was because I wanted to lay a case against her,” the model said.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that Grace Mugabe showed up at the police station and assured to cooperate with the officers.

Unfortunately, late Tuesday, the officers could no longer trace their suspect up to the current time.

“We do not know her whereabouts at this stage, however, we are negotiating with the suspect’s lawyers,” Vishnu Naidoo, the police spokesman in South Africa informed the journalists.

Different reports on Tuesday night were written showing that Grace had already flown back to Zimbabwe, but the South African officials say otherwise.

On the other hand, Gabriella Engels, the model, is waiting to see how her case in going to be settled.

I don’t know how far this case is going to go but I just want my voice to be heard because what she did was not right – she said.

Engels posted pictures of her wounded forehead and said she has more at the back of her head. She explained that to her, being a model, this might affect her career.














Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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