Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

The frequent attack between the Iraqis and Daesh is becoming a cause for concern. Many innocent people have lost their lives to these baseless conflicts. Just of recent, the Iraqi Embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul was attacked by Daesh terrorists with a heavy blast followed by dark smoke and gunfire.

Similarly, Ministry of Interior spokesman Najib Danish told a media Agency that up to four attackers were involved in the attack stating that a suicide bomber blew himself up:

“A suicide bomber blew up himself at the entrance of the embassy while three others made their way in, and started shooting.”

Reports confirmed that the attackers stormed the embassy compound at around 11.30 a.m. local time (0730GMT) and the siege was declared over after around four hours of gunfight. However, the ministry announced that the special unit of the Afghan National Police (ANP) had reached the site quickly and surrounded the area and rescued the embassy staff. In a statement, the ministry denounced the incident, calling it an “un-Islamic and inhuman” act of the terrorists.

Further more, Danish confirmed that all the three remaining attackers got killed and only one ANP officer got wounded in the operation. He added all Iraqi diplomats had been safely rescued stating that the security of the area needs to be strengthened.

After the incident, Ahmad Jamal, spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, confirmed that the embassy staff had been temporarily moved to the Egyptian Embassy. In a press statement, Jamal said two Afghan security officers stationed outside the embassy had been killed in the attack.

Also, last month, at least six worshipers were killed in a Daesh-claimed attack on a mosque in Kabul. On May 3, Daesh said it carried out a suicide attack in Kabul that killed eight civilians. Other attacks include an attack on the Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital in March that left up to 50 people dead, a suicide attack on Supreme Court in February that claimed 22 lives, and twin suicide attacks on Shia Muslim protesters last year that killed 80 people.

Afghans are worried with these series of attacks which often steal the lives of their innocent brothers. They have decided to call on the world to rescue them from this act of unholiness. Most of them believed that the series of attacks are un-islamical and unethical and so should be abolished.


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