Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Report reaching from Mongolia has it that, the sixth Kubuqi International Desert Forum was held from July 29 to July 30 in the Kubuqi Desert in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Participating guests from other countries visited Kubuqi and witnessed the successful practices of Kubuqi’s desertification control.

The forum, according to report, offered them better understanding of the Kubuqi Model. They believe that the Kubuqi Model will play an important role in desertification control in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. International conferences held in China are becoming attractive platforms for sharing effective experiences in promoting global ecological development.

The core pillars of the Kubuqi Model are government policy support, industrial investment, market-oriented participation of farmers and herdsmen and sustainable ecological improvement.

Former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said the systematic design of the Kubuqi Model was a unique success, and that its re-produceability was worthy of study.

Pradeep Monga, Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, said many countries along the Belt and Road Initiative suffered desertification, and that good design plays a key role in helping China create the Kubuqi Model, a unique path of desertification control. It is admirable that governments at all levels, enterprises and individuals can join hands to solve environmental problems in a systematic manner, he said.

The Indonesian Economic and Industrial Committee Chairman Bachir gave Kubuqi a thumbs up for the practice of raising sheep under photovoltaic panels. He said he appreciated the imagination of local businesses in ecosystem design and said he would like to share Kubuqi’s comprehensive desertification control experiences for the benefit of the international community.






Reporter: Adelaja Ridwan


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