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Speaking to his supporters at a rally in the town of Chinhoyi, located about 72 miles northwest of Harare, President Robert Mugabe promised his supporters that he is not stepping down, nor is he choosing a successor.

Despite the three times travel to Singapore that the president has taken since the beginning of this year for what the officials call “routine medical check-up”, Mugabe says he is not dying, like his political rivals state it.

“There is an issue that the president is going, I am not going. The president is dying, I am not dying. I will have an ailment here and there but body wise, all my internal organs… very strong, very firm,” Mugabe told his supporters.

The president had demonstrated his body strength earlier on when he walked to the stage slowly and without assistance.

Mugabe also informed the crowd that even the doctors were recently surprised by his strong bone system. He promised them he is in good health, not dying and not ready to retire.

The 93 year old Mugabe has led Zimbabwe since the country’s independence in 1980. His deteriorating health is closely watched by Zimbabweans who are afraid and fear that the country would be in chaos is anything happens to him and he has not appointed a successor.

Zimbabweans on several occasions have advised the president to anoint his successor but all in vain.

On Thursday, Grace Mugabe the first lady, for the very first time challenged President Mugabe to name his preferred successor to end divisions over the future leadership of ZANU-PF, the ruling party.

“Naming a successor will enable all members to rally behind one candidate,” the first lady said on Thursday, as she advised her husband to choose his successor.

At the same rally on Saturday, Mr. Mugabe stated the reason for his not appointing a successor.

The president has stated that although some ZANU-PF party officials want to succeed him, he has seen none among them with his political clout to keep the party united and fend off a challenge from the main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change.

“Anew man will be put to the test by the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), so I want to assess that the situation is ripe,” said Mugabe.

“A new man will not have the same stature and the same acceptance as I have managed to secure for the party over the years,” explained President Mugabe.











Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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