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Celebrating her 52nd birthday on Sunday, Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first lady in her speech shared her experience of when and how she saw the hand of God.

“I am telling you I was run over by the armored car… my leg got crushed and I thought I was not going to walk again for the rest of my life,” Grace explained in comments carried by the state-run chronicle.

“I used to hear people saying they survived after being run over by cars, and mine, is also a miracle that I am walking today… I really saw the hand of God that day,” she added.

Grace Mugabe’s would be tragic incident talked about, was an accident that occurred on July 15, when her leg was run over by her husband’s armor plated limousine, an accident that the officials termed as “freak car accident”.

It is reported that when the Mugabes returned from Singapore, where President Mugabe had gone for his medical checkup, the limousine sent to pick them up from the airport, moved off before the first lady had got in.

It is too reported that the first lady did not get serious injuries but was bruised on her ankle and when she was discharged from the hospital, she complained of the pain she felt then.

In her speech, Grace also talked about drug abuse and anti-social behavior in the children.

“Young people were bound to be naughty at some point whether they were the president’s children or not,” she explained.

This remark however, is believed to have been a reference to her two sons, Robert Junior and Bellarmine Chatunga, 25 and 21 respectively.

The two sons were recently reported evicted from the R70000 a month flat they rented in Sandton, for bad behavior and they both agreed to it.

“I have seen parents wearing torn clothes because their children are demanding for top-end trending clothes. In schools and universities, children are competing on fashion and they do not heed to parental advice,” she said.

“Nowadays, there are spirits attacking our children. The spirit of drinking, drug abuse, and doing other abnormal things way beyond their age,” Grace added.

“If I am to say women stand up to talk about your children, very few women can be brave enough to talk about that without breaking down,” the first lady concluded.











Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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