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Peace December International

2006 Westchester Avenue,

Bronx, New York 10462


Bronx, New York- Peace December International is working with Google, Facebook and Twitter in launching #contentpeacepatrol starting on September 1, 2017. Hopefully other social media and media content providers will follow suit. 

Peace December chapters in every country will be issued identifier for their mandated content patrol reporters before the luncheon date.

As peaceful moral majority, we can help enhance the safety, dignity and protection of our social and business surfing by voluntarily patrolling our online communities to weed out offensive, hateful, indecent, extreme and violent contents. Our families must not compromise their dignity and safety while surfing online.

All Peace December members and partners will be commissioned as online mandated reporters who immediately report any content they deemed violate community standards of these social media and online content aggregators.

While these offensive online contents may come in different forms, names, style, headings and subjects, their originators are a tiny international soulless criminal capitalists and agitators who preyed on unsuspecting masses. Furthermore, extremists and hatemongers should no longer be allowed access to our children with their alluring recruitment techniques. When we know something, we must immediately report it to appropriate sources.

Finally, end users (Content Peace Patrols) working with the social media operators shall help eliminate violators’ unfettered access into our individual accounts, and therefore enhanced their inability to infiltrate the masses virally. Thank you!

For further information about these partnerships, please contact Peace December International at:


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