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On Saturday 8th July 2017, India imposed a curfew, cut off mobile and broadband internet services and stationed thousands of Indian troops in Kashmir before the death anniversary of their leader Burhan Wani.

The death of the 23 years old young leader, who had built up a hug fans on social media, sparked an outpouring of grief and anger that spilled into the streets and led the months of clashes with security forces.

Government forces were throwing tear gas and clashed with stone-throwing protesters in Indian-administrated Kashmir.

Kashmiri student Umair Farooq told Al-Jazeera, “Burhan made a priceless place in our hearts as a hero,

“Many young Kashmiris joined the rebellion after his death. He is still alive in our hearts.”

Muzaffar Wani, Burhan’s father stated that the protest movement in the region cannot be suppressed by the authorities.

He said, “The more they try to suppress us, the more we will rise up. Everyone here is fighting for their future.”

“Given the kind of suppression we are facing, people think it is better to sacrifice themselves, rather than permitting humiliation of their mothers, brothers and sisters.”

All roads leading to Wani’s home town were blocked ahead of anniversary and authorities seized thousands of bikes to stop people travelling towards that village.







Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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