Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Diplomats from South Sudan’s armed opposition faction (SPLM-10) have petitioned against Riek Machar’s detention.

The diplomats are representatives across Europe, America, South America and Africa. They demand that, Machar must immediately and unconditionally be released from his illegal detention in South Africa.

Riek Machar is South Sudan’s former vice president. He served as a vice president from 2011 when South Sudan got its independence, to 23 July 2016 when he was dismissed by Salva Kiir, South Sudan’s President. He is now reported the rebel leader concerning what happens in South Sudan.

In the petition, the diplomats expressed their dissatisfaction about how Riek Machar was put under confinement (house arrest) in South Africa, which they say is illegal.

“We, the SPLM-10 Missions, Chapters Leaders and the South Sudanese Diaspora across the globe, stand by strongly condemning the illegal detention of Riek Machar, the SPLM/A-10 chairman, in South Africa. We therefore, call for his immediate and unconditional release,” reads part of the written petitioning statement.

In addition, the Diaspora representatives still in the petition wrote describing an attempt of assassination upon Machar once in July last year. The representatives said that the incident showed the reality of peace violation, and put the blame on South Sudan’s leadership, for having instigated the conflict.

“Amazingly, upon surviving the assassination attempt in Juba and fleeing to the Democratic Republic of Congo for safety, we expected a strong response condemning the government of South Sudan’s act from the region and the international community,” further read the statement.

At this point, the officials in their petition, called upon the regional and the international community to condemn President Salva Kiir and his government for ripping the peace agreement between him (Salva Kiir) and Machar, and the alleged attempt to assassinate Machar, his peace partner.

The representatives also demanded that the East African regions, African Union and the international community, condemn countries that provide weapons to Salva Kiir and his government, which he uses to execute innocent lives in South Sudan.

“The countries that are selling arms to President Salva Kiir and his government should be publically identified and stopped. South Sudan’s meager oil resources are being traded for sophisticated weapons, which are then used against the starving and dying citizens, rather than protecting them,” noted the petition.





 Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu


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