Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The Ghanaian government has noted the importance of fire station in every industrial area and so, the government is ready to take a bold step by establishing fire service station in the areas where it is required in case of emergencies. Recently, the government has announced plans to establish a Fire Service Station at the central business district of Kumasi to curb frequent fire outbreaks at the Kumasi Central market and other offices within the area.

Reports on fire outbreaks in this centre have raised alarm as the government finally decided to tackle the problem by creating an everlasting solution. Recent reports have confirmed that the central market and several buildings at Adum were consumed by fire which has led to billions of property destroyed due to late response by fire fighters.

“The metropolis only from January to February this year alone, has experienced one hundred and thirty six (136) fire outbreaks out of which nineteen were major”, the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Osei Assibey Antwi revealed.

He added: “As a result, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) will secure funds to construct permanent Fire Service Station at Adum to respond to emergency situations.”

In addition, Hon. Osei Assiby Antwi warned against the establishment of slums within the outskirts of the metropolis hinting of plans to decongest those areas which are fire prone. He also urged the citizens around the area to be careful in handing fire related items in order to put an end to the occurrence of fire outbreak in the area.

In order to further prevent the reoccurrence of such outbreaks, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has attributed some of the causes of the outbreaks to electrical faults admonishing the consumers to do rewiring with proper electrical material. The company confirmed that if such wiring correction is made, fire outbreaks will no doubt be prevented.

Speaking with some patriotic Ghanaians, one of them reacted by saying that the establishment of fire service station is a good idea but hopes that the causes of the fire outbreaks will be detected and resolved:
“I appreciate the government for wanting to set up a fire service station in the market but the cause of the fire must be known and corrected.”

Another resident in the area blamed the market occupants for the cause of the fire outbreak:
“Some women set fire to cook in the market leaving the fire uncontrolled after cooking. We need to be really conscious on fire usuage.”

It has been confirmed that the causes of fire outbreak is not only the faulty wiring but also the carelessness of the market occupants. However, Ghana government urges its citizens to be more careful with fire in order to prevent the reoccurrence of fire outbreaks in the area.


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