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Chickenpox is one of the very severe infectious diseases that hit their hosts in a very stunning manner. It comes with a rage which most times put the host body in social  handicap, especially in areas of mobility. According to the Wikipedia, “Chickenpox,” which is “also known as varicella, is a highly contagious disease.” Adding that, it is “caused by the initial infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV).”

Standing out as a disease, wikipedia explains that, chickenpox “results in a characteristic skin rash that forms small, itchy blisters, which eventually scab over.” As it is observed, “It usually starts on the chest, back, and face then spreads to the rest of the body.”

Funmi Ajumobi, in her recent article as published on Vanguard Newspaper, under the Health column, confirmed that, chickenpox “is one of the most common infectious diseases,” which “of recent, …has been on the rampage on both children and adults.

Funmi raised a concern as to why the contagious disease has been on the rise recent times, wondering over it activity even in the rainy when the atmosphere is expectedly cool. Funmi writes, “one continues to wonder why this is happening even in rainy season. The weather is cool and not meant to be on the rampage in the rainy season.”

Everyone must watch out for the symptoms and do everything possible to stay off the territory. Funmi in the article highlighted that chicken pox “is spread by droplets from a sneeze or cough, or by contact with the clothing, bed linens or oozing blisters of an infected person.” And that, “the onset of symptoms is 10 to 21 days after exposure.”

times order to stay clear as prevention is better than cure, Funmi recommends that everyone manages their health by seeking medical advice and taking check up from time to time. She emphasized that pregnant women who never had the disease must seek medical advice without delay in the event that they get exposed to the disease as it may affect their unborn child.



Author: Olayiwola A. Ridwan


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