Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Gambia government has taken the bull by the horn and so finally ready to make life better for Gambians. Recently, the government commissioned a new ferry which was initiated by the government of former President Yahya Jammeh in Banjul.

In addition, the construction of the ferry, named Kunta Kinteh, was said to have started in October 2016. The ferry was delivered earlier this month by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld, a Dutch company that built the ferry. The delivery of this ferry brought joy to the targeted citizens. They were very excited has they thought the ferry will never come to past.

It was reported that Kunta Kinteh costs 9.3 million euros, including a five-year maintenance deal. It has 718 passenger seats but it can take up to 2,000 people, when it does not carry any vehicle. It takes 27 cars, 4 trucks and it has a 3-flow passenger deck with 5,000 lifesaving jackets. A very large ferry indeed. It was also stated that the ferry will be plying Banjul-Barra crossing point, the biggest and busiest ferry crossing point in The Gambia.

During the launch of the new ferry, President Barrow reflected on the difficulties he encountered with his campaign team when they were crossing to the North Bank Region sometime in November 2016.

“Given that personal experience and more importantly watching at close range the huge number of people making the difficult journey with great risk and discomfort, I made a pledge – a personal commitment to the people of Niumi that when I am elected President, my administration will provide modern facilities and services to them to end the nightmare associated with the Banjul Barra crossing,” he said.

He further added that his administration had no other choice than to speed up the delivery process of the ferry as it is seen as a very essential facility for the Gambians:
“It is in this regard that my government rapidly provided the necessary support for the timely delivery and inauguration of this modern ferry.”

In addition, The Gambian leader stated that the commissioning of the new ferry would “surely alleviate” the present state of the poor ferry services. Nonetheless this is rather one of the many steps we will take to address the challenges confronting the commuters using this crossing,” Barrow said.

“My conviction to this commitment is still strong and God willing, my government will not relent until we provide an adequate solution to the problem.” He added.

Also, he explained that the new ferry will go a long way to contribute positively to ease the Banjul-Barra crossing points. He further said that the socio-economic development through this can not be overemphasized.

“Unfortunately, improving the facilities and services on this popular crossing point has remained elusive all these years. This has not only significantly slowed down the economic activities both within and outside the country, but also directly affected the livelihood of all Gambians who spent unreasonable hours to get to the other side of the river bank.” President Barrow stated.

“As we pursue the development agenda for the transformation of our New Gambia into a modern state, we will provide the adequate support required to upgrade and modernise the Banjul Shipyard, which is essential for the maintenance of the ferries and other crafts,” the president affirmed.


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