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By Jun 11, 2017

For the next two Fridays, I will be giving Sermons on the importance of valuing a person and his/her dignity.


The inhumane climate of labeling and devaluing human dignity of certain groups was so universal among racist nations that during Jim Crow era the black men in the United States had to mobilize a national campaign of self-affirmation, I AM A MAN.

Fast forward to 2017, the same folks and their extremists counterparts again continue their practice of labeling and dehumanizing certain nations/groups they intent to humiliate and slaughter for profit and military strategic positioning. It is therefore a high time for us to borrow from the civil rights campaign of self- affirmation, I AM A PERSON.

When shall men end their unjust acts toward their fellow human beings? Enough of killing. WE ARE ALL HUMANS!


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