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Some countries in the world have enforced trousers ban for females. Ghana is set to join this set of countries even though the law was layed down before. Many immoral challenges as a result of female wearing trousers has led to its ban.

The statement was tagged:
“No lady is allowed to put on pairs of trousers to work except during sporting activities. They can however, put on suit.“

It was confirmed that this directive was contained in an internal memorandum from the Ghana Education Service in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta Region week reminding both male and female teachers of its dress. Many women have been reported to violate this law as the service vowed to punished whoever breaks it.

The memo, published by local media, advised female teachers to avoid “miniskirts and sleeveless dresses, too much make-ups and multicoloured hair dos”. They were also cautioned to minimize “cosmetic treatment (pedicure)”. This actually sounded weird to some because they see it as a way of looking good meanwhile the service has better explanation for its action.

The memo warned:

“Henceforth, improper dressing will not be tolerated in our schools and offices. For men, they are to avoid jeans trousers and round neck T-shirts and hanging of earphones on the ear as well as loose dressing”.

It was further stated in the memo that disciplinary action will be taken against any teacher in violation of the dress code and “henceforth, improper dressing will not be tolerated in our schools and offices.” however, this reminder was welcomed by many Ghanaians on social media while some see it as impossible.

A patriotic Ghanian said:
“These rules are not new! I have been a teacher for 11 years Now! The rules are there already just that teachers don’t observe them! Let’s pray that they will be observed this time around.” It was easy to understand that these rules are already in existence but lack practise due to lack of enforcement by the educational service.

Another Ghanaian said:
“I hope they will start giving them dress allowance because u can tell me what to wear when u are not providing for my dress.”

However, several countries and institutions had banned trousers for women centuries ago. Many have lifted the ban while some maintain them.

As part of history, France lifted the 200-year-old ban on women wearing trousers in 2013. It was a law since November 17, 1800 until it was repealed because it was “incompatible with modern French values and laws”. Also, the British Airways also lifted its ban on female cabin crew from wearing trousers in February 2016. Malawi also lifted a 1965 ban on women wearing trousers in 1994.

In addition, Turkey lifted its ban on women lawmakers wearing trousers in the assembly in 2013 likewise the United States Senate that lifted the ban on women wearing trousers on the floor in 1993.

Some countries still maintain the ban against wearing trousers in some particular areas. Sudan has, however, arrested women wearing trousers under its Article 152 of the 1991 Penal Code.

Ghanaian government has made it known that a female teacher who puts on trousers to work will attract immortality to herself and to the lives style of the children. It further said that the manner in which these trousers are worn indecently is the cause of the reinforcement of the dress code law with firmness. It urges the female teachers to strictly adhere to the law.


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