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Ghana is one of the Africa’s most dynamic economies but its growth slowed dow sharply in 2014 following the fiscal crisis. This crisis shut down the country’s economy market leaving the citizens financially stranded. The citizens hoped for a positive change which led them to voting for Nana Akufo-Addo as their president in December, 2016.

Recently, Ghana’s president -Nana Akufo-Addo who came to power in January after beating the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s John Dramani Mahama in December election, appointed a large size of 110 ministers. He said that when he attained power, the economy was facing huge fiscal defects, rising inflation and high unemployment rate. Ghanaians were furious at this large scale appointment and were worried if the country will ever move forward. He appointed 50 deputy ministers and four ministers in addition to the already existing 56 ministers. He said that ” I am aware that people are concerned about what they see as maybe the cost of this large government”. He further said it is a necessary investment to make for the rapid transformation of the country. He added that ministers are coming back to work, it is not going to be an easy and free task for them .

After defending his action, his opposition party is not convinced about his acclaimed benefits of having a large government. Haruna Iddrisu, the leader of the opposition Party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) reiterated that they have confronted with an elephant size of government and that Akufo-Addo has proven that he is a politician rather that a good president.

The ministries were rearranged: ministry of Agriculture is to have a minister, a minister of state and three deputy ministers. Similarly, four other ministries also have three deputy ministers and a minister. It was sourced from the parliament that top government appointees are expected to earn $4,000 monthly in addition with two cars, free fuel, a house, free utilities and personal protection. After gross net calculation, the government will spent 5.7million Dollars or more monthly on the 110 ministers in the country.

The government spokesman Nana Akomea said criticism will stop if the government deliver on its ambitious agenda. Ghanians wondered how the economy will grow with the said ridiculous number of ministers. They believed that with the present poor economy status of the country, the next step for development shouldn’t have been an additional appointment of ministers which will eventually cost the country more expenditure. Also, some assumed that the president used this elephant appointment to compensate some people who wholly assisted him in winning the election.

Subsequently, the Ghanaian president pointed that the UK cabinet for housing about 120 ministers which made him feels that he is doing the right thing. One cannot forget to compare the boosted economy status of the United Kingdom with that of Ghana. UK is financially and economically stable while Ghana might run down with the aim of improving its economy with a 110 ministers only if the president could prove all wrong, although, he has promised that positive changes will take effect really soon.


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