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By Godfrey Olukya 24-1-2017

Muslim mothers in Africa and the world over have been urged to always encourage their children, especially girls to memorize the Koran.

Sheikh Muhammad Nganwa of Ndoi mosque in Democratic republic of Congo said while addressing the faithful that since mothers play a big role in nurturing their children, they should make sure that they also guide them religiously.

He said that children who earn the Koran while still young tend to live religious lives.

”Muslim mothers should always inspire their children to learn and memorize the Koran. Since most schools do not encourage children to memorize the Koran, parents especially mothers should lead in doing so.” said Nganwa.

He said that on many occasions Muslim parents spend a lot of money in buying toys and expensive items to their children which are morally not beneficial to the children instead of investing in Koranic education.

He said that in the near future he will put in place Koran memorizing competitions for children as one on the ways of encouraging children to memorize the holy book.

”I will work with my colleagues in nearby mosques so that we put in place a Koran competition event where children who excel will be given prizes.



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