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By Godfrey Olukya 24-1-2017

Girls in Uganda performed better than boys in the 2016 Islamic primary leaving examinations.

The examinations are each year set and examined by the Islamic national Examinations board.

Uganda Koran association put in place Islamic examinations board in 1994 to manage Islamic examinations in collaboration with the country’s ministry of education.

Last year 2,393 students sat the examinations in 167 schools scattered allover the country.

Each year the examinations are sat in December and results are released in January of the following year.

According to Uganda Koran schools association, out of the 2,393 candidates who sat the examination,1014 students passed in grade one,698 in grade 2 and 223 in grade 3 while 216 failed.

56 per cent of those who passed in 1st grade were girls while in 2nd grade 54% were also girls.

Uganda Koran association coordinator, Khail Lubega said that there has been improvement in the results compared to those in the past years.

”The students have been provided with reference text books which have led to improvement in their performance.” said Lubega.

Best done subject, according to Lubega was Fikihi and Koran recitation while the most poorly done was Tarubiya and Lughatul Arabbiya.



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