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By Godfrey Olukya 6-1-2017

Muslim Imams in South Sudan have been requested to always preach for unity, peace and prosperity.

The call has been made by Sheikh Abbas Tuke of Juba in South Sudan while addressing believers after today’s Juma prayers in the mosque located in the outskirts of Juba city.

”In this era we need Imams who can do more than preaching to believers. We want Imams who can in addition to leading prayers, also perform other duties.” said Tuke.

He said that in a country like South Sudan which has just got Independence, the Imams should tell the Muslims to always aspire for peace.

”Without peace nothing much can be done. When fighting is taking place people can not get involved in developmental activities. So peace is key to development.” he added on.

Tuke said that unity among Muslims is also very important and should also be emphasized by Imams while preaching to believers.

He said that education should be made a priority by all Muslims in South Sudan. Advised parents to ensure that their children study in both Islamic and secular fields.



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