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Welcome to Peace December 2016
In the first day of Peace December, we would like to take this opportune time to express our gratitude to our Creator and His wonderful creation around us. What a wonderful privilege!
For the whole year, we’ve been preparing for the arrival of the Peace Month and here it is at last. In the next 31 day of Peace December, we shall labor tirelessly to not only achieve our stated goals for the month but to exceed them. For the duration of Peace December, all our actions, communications, interactions, thoughts and relations must be directed exclusively towards protecting lives, wellbeing, fortune and dignity of all creation without exceptions.
All members of this noble movement , regardless of profession, are expected to take the lead in their respective environs for causes and endeavors that would lead up to peaceful coexistence among all residents of their communities during Peace December. We must engage everyone in our circles to do likewise. Let us use the month to teach and effect the culture of love, respect and harmonious relations. Peace December members must be visible exemplary peacemakers at all times, especially during the month. All our talks must correspond to our walks. Today happen to be World AIDS Day, so let us also pray for our brothers and sisters dealing with HIV/AIDS as well.
Finally, we’re are launching our 2016 Peace December Campaign today, No to mob justice/No to jungle justice. Please join us in using and sharing the following hash tags: #notomobjustice #nomobjustice #notojunglejustice #nojunglejustice. Our position is no to mob justice. All accused, regardless of their alleged crime, must have their day in court as quickly as feasible to answer to what is alleged of them. No one should be denied a fair and speedy trial nor be attacked by the mob for alleged crimes committed.
Thank you all and Happy Peace December! #peacedecember.
P.S. Crime and violence aren’t inevitable. They are committed by folks we know, love and live with.
The most powerful two words in the English language are “THANK YOU” and none deserves our ‘thank you’ more-so than the men and women who leave their homes and loved ones 24/7 to protect our homes and loved ones 24/7. Therefore on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Peace December movement is humbly encouraging the public to show some love to all of our brave angels for keeping us, our loved ones and possessions safe 24/7. We can say ‘THANK YOU’ in many ways, such as handing flowers/roses, appreciation letters, handshakes, gifts that do not violate bribery laws, messages of appreciation through media, phone calls, etc…
Let your local law enforcement community know how much you appreciate their sacrifices. This would go a long way in cementing a healthier collaboration and greater mutually beneficial working relations.
Peace December leadership in the Bronx will hold a Public Press Conference at 11:00 -12:00PM at their Headquarters 2006 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462, and then walk to 43rd Precinct to hand them our heartfelt ‘Thank You’ Flowers and Roses. Members in other boroughs would do likewise in their respective Precincts. #nationalpublicsafetyhonorday
Thank you!


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